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Following please find a selection of our range of artpieces.
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Marked: Pest, Diana head used between 1872-1922
Mastermark: Bachruch A. Succ
Silver fineness of 800, 524 g
h: 19.5 cm; d: 23.5 cm
New acquisition


A pair of decorative candlesticks
Italy, Middle of the XX century
Silver fineness of 900, with floral ornaments
1296 g, 1282 g
h: 35 cm, w: 35.5 cm
New acquisition


Serving dish
Marked: Vienna, hallmark used between 1872-1922
Mastermark: Lippa and Co.
Silver fineness of 800, original polished glass, 462.2 gr
24 x 25 cm


Art Deco Box
Marked with Diana-head, between 1937-1965
Mastermark: KA
800 quality silver, 442 g
11 x 11 x 14 cm


Pair of Candlesticks
Austria, around 1910’s
Marked, Austrian Diana head used between 1867-1936
Noble mark: F. S.
silver 390 g
height: 35 cm


Decorative Candlestick
Marked with Hungarian Greyhound Head between 1867-1937
Hungary First period of 20th century
Master mark: H. L
silver 768 g
32 x 27.5 x 14 cm


Jugendstil Samovar
around 1910
Master mark: R.O (Rudolf Oswald)
Austrian Diana head 1867-1922
Silver, 1168 g
with ivory parts and white spirit warming
h: 31 cm
Literature: Dorotheum 1875. Kunstauktion Jugendstil. 1. Dezember 1998. Lot nu. 359


Hungarian Art Deco Fruit Bowl
Budapest, around 1940
Marked: Hajos Imre.
Silver, 1033 g
38.5 × 30.5 × 19 cm


Amsterdam Coffee Pot
Marked: Amsterdam, 1852
Master mark: TGB.
Antique silver 417 g
13 x 23 x 11 cm


Art Deco Coffee Pot and Milk Jug
Budapest, 1936
Marked: Hungarian Diana Head
master mark: B.F.
Silver, 969 g / 436 g
20 x 23 cm
14 x 16 cm


Biedermeier Coffee Pot
Vienna, 1845
master mark of Josef Reines, with an engraved monogram
antique silver, wooden handle
362.4 g; h: 16 cm


Secessionist Carafe
German Empire, turn of the century
master mark: WTB, model nr.: 62950
Marked: crescent and crown used from 1888 on
cut glass
h: 27.5 cm


Art Deco Coffee Set
Vienna, around 1920
Marked: master mark of Herman Südfeld
Literature: Neuwirth: II/240
Silver, 683 g


Coffee Pot and Milk Jug
Vienna, turn of the century
Marked: silver mark used between 1872-1922, MW master mark
carved ivory handle
h: 24 cm


Jugendstil Carafe
Vienna, around 1900
Marked: Vienna, Alexander Sturm
Literature: Neuwirth II/239.
Cut glass, silver handle
h: 26 cm


Silver Jug
First half of 20th century
Ivory handle
655 g
h: 12 cm


Josef Hoffmann (1870-1956)
Pair of Candelsticks
Vienna, 1902
Marked: J.H.
Silver, ivory
4810 gr
h: 49 cm, d: 23 cm