Budapest, Mucsarnok
20-23 November, 2008

Ernst Gallery rejoins the list of exhibitors at the Budapest Art Fair after a nine-year absence. Since 1999 the Gallery has been present at numerous other prestigious exhibitions in Hungary and abroad, amongst other places in Vienna and New York. The Gallery's collection of valuable art has been displayed continuously in Hungarian and foreign museums, institutions and events, for example at the ongoing "Fauves Hongrois" exhibition in France.

On this occasion Ernst Gallery will exhibit two valuable Rippl-Rónai paintings, one of which is the "Marching French Soldiers", painted in 1914 and which is kept under protection due to its particularly important place in the Rippl-Rónai oeuvre. In addition, three fabulous plates designed by József Rippl-Rónay and produced in the world-famous Zsolnay Factory in Pécs will be on show. These pieces are not just special because of their designer and contractor, but also because nearly all such pieces from the Andrássy dining room’s interior were though to have been lost or destroyed, and therefore the discovery of any such example is truly a sensation. The plates are worth upwards of ten million forints each. At last but no least a vine-cooler will be presented which is designed by the prestigious Josef Hoffmann and was executed by the world-famous Wiener Werkstaette. This artpiece was designed for the Wittgensteins who was the most influental maecenas family at the turn of the century.