Current exhibiton:
Gabor Szabo's paintings and Kristof Muranyi's screenprints
at the Oppenheim Law Firm (1053 Budapest, Károlyi Mihály st. 12.)
until 10 June, 2010
The pieces are for sale.

On the initiative of the Ernst Gallery, the Loffice Coworking office and the Oppenheim Law Firm the aim of the program Bring the Art Home is to help promoting the artistic values and creative capacities of Hungary. We chose the European Crystal Cow to be the symbol of the program, referring to the popular street installations organized in the megapolises throughout Europe.

Based on the analogy of the public cow we are committed to display pieces of art which are close to street art, furthermore pieces by graphic artists, media artists, photographers, and designers as well as the innovative representatives of the lesser-known art branches who can represent exceedingly the urban subculture. In art the process of creation is not typically a work influenced by time limits and the boundaries of one given workplace, opposite the office hours. Thus, the two hardly ever meet. Recognizing the importance of the matter of a mutual concernment is the key element for the extensive spread of culture.

The exhibition debuts as the decoration of office spaces. We hope that the program will help the office work with inspiring creative ideas and new impulses, will refresh and increase the resistivity of the people against the challenges in the often monotonous workdays at the offices. Some of the art pieces are for sale, can be taken home. The artists' aim is to find a final home for them.