Spring Festival, Budapest Gallery
23 March - 30 April, 2004

The exhibition opened by: Dr. Soraya von Stubenberg

The film posters are a burgeoning area of collecting throughout the world. This pioneering effort to begin the documentation of Hungarian art and social history which until now has been overlooked by scholars will become an important initial work in bringing to public attention the uniqueness of these early Hungarian film postres which testify to the cerativ experimentation in the nascent motion picture industry and the many complementary industries created.The collection contains unique early examples from 1912-1920 of the monumental compositions by towering talents of Hungarian poster art such as Mihály Biró, Imre Földes and Lipót Sátori. The ouvre of these artists, especially their creations for the posters for early silent films in Hungary, with their extraordinary design quality and graphic force demonstrate that this genre is an important and overlooked area of study which deserves its own place in the history of Hungarian art and in the larger context of the art and social history of the 20 th century.

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