Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, 17 September - 17 December, 2011, 2011

The exhibition focuses on the sanctuary objects connected to light of the two world religions, Judaism and Christianity. The exhibition displays the menorah designed by the outstanding artist, Bela Lajta in 1908, which was restored by the Ernst Gallery. Under the times of the migration of the Jewish people the Menorah used to stand next to the ark of the covenant in the tent of the alliance. Later it was accommodated at the sanctuary of the Temple of Jerusalem to represent the universal light, what referred to the burning thorn-bush in which God appeared for Moses. The other point of focus at the exhibition is a sanctuary lamp used in Roman Catholic churches, which was designed by Imre Steindl and executed by Gula Jungfer. The lamp is also accompanied by liturgical candlesticks of almost a thousand years.